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Our missions is to act as a catalyst for universal adoption and blockchain innovation. We focus on investing in cryptocurrency. Our team has expensive in both traditional financing and emerging mining technology. We invest, among others, in cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XRP, ETC, and ETH. We also give a chance to new, dynamically developing ICO projects that brings huge profits in an amazingly short time. Our team consists only of qualified people connected with the financial industry for years, who are the passionate about the fledging but very strong cryptocurrency market and mining technology. They constantly monitor the market to provide you - our investors with even greater profits. Having strong relationships with the most promising entrepreneurs and other leading investors in the industry, IndexPassiveIncome investment implements an investment strategy, building an diversified portfolio and adjusting the added value to the added value to its portfolio companies.

IndexPassiveIncome investment using advanced investments techniques, such as financial leverage, guarantees huge profits even at the currently fluctuating rate of cryptocurrencies. When starting cooperation with us, you have a 100% guarantee that you will not lose your funds, but you can only gain.